The Most Interesting Person in the World

Singles Event

It’s hard enough finding someone single who you would mesh well with. It’s even harder to find him or her over loud music when you can barely speak to each other. It’s hardest of all standing in a room marked “Singles” and awkwardly trying to look cool.

There’s one way to make this really easy. And that’s to have Lauren break the ice, getting everyone to feel comfortable with each other. Lauren’s exercises bring out the best of each participant, making them feel confident and look good. Participants get to know each other in a short amount of time. Even if they don’t meet their soul mate in one night, they will have so much fun that they will want to come to this singles party again and again!

Sample Itinerary

Zip Zap Zop – Everybody claps at someone else in the circle saying either “zip,” “zap,” or “zop” in that order.
Sword – Someone throws a sword across the room. When it comes your way, catch it dramatically, and throw it at someone else.
Clap Focus – The clap goes around the circle, making eye contact with the person giving it to you and who you pass it to.

2 Truths and a Lie – Each person is to make 3 statements about themselves. One is false. The rest must guess which statement is the lie.
“I love…” – Whoever feels comfortable enough will get up and speak for 2 minutes, starting each sentence with “I love”. The rest will clap or cheer if they hear something they also love.
Ask the Expert – A group of 5 people will finish each other’s sentences, speaking about some made-up topic such as teaching hippos to water-ski. Audience members can ask questions. After a few minutes, another expert panel is chosen and given another topic.
Scenes – Groups of 5 collaborate to create the beginning, middle, and end of a scene. They are given the story and are told to make their own characters.
Letters – Everyone is divided into groups of 5. Each is given a notepad and a pen, and are to write a letter by passing it around the group, and each person writing one word – starting with “Dear”.

For these and other expertly executed exercises, book Lauren now by e-mailing

“Your method of introducing people by doing live interactive improv is very effective. I immediately felt a closeness with the people – It makes it easier to talk to people later on.” – Participant at a JewMeetJew event


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