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Programs for High Schools

What is Improv?
Improv is a great opportunity for the shy kid and the class clown alike to have an artistic outlet, and a wonderful way to internalize any unit learned in school. It is also a non-threatening way to tackle real-life issues, such as bullying, peer pressure, eating disorders, drugs and alcohol.
Programs can be customized to the needs of your school. As well as improv, programs are available for scripted work, speeches, and story-telling.

More Benefits of Improv
Boosts confidences; increases self-awareness; safe role-playing environment; encourages team-builidng; social interaction; artistic outlet; builds creativity; encourages laughter; reduces social insecurities; safe outlet to release anger and frustration; facilitates social skills; reduces social tension and isolation; releases steam; de-stresses; builds group cohesion; allows people to think and respond on their feet; trains students to diffuse situations using humour; problem-solving strategies; improves mood

Public Speaking Made Easy
Students will go through the process of writing, structuring, and presenting a speech, learning the techniques of making meaningful presentations.

Integration Around the Curriculum
Use improv exercises and role-playing games to explore topics covered in the classroom. Bring history to life, discover psychological phenomena, create scenes as a jumping-off point for creative writing, explore Shakespeare by using his characters and settings as a backdrop for student-created dramas. With a little imagination, the possibilities are endless!
Learning Objectives: Improve retention, memorization, empower students, allow students to relate to subject, add life, spontaneity, and humour to the curriculum

Confidence and Self-Worth
The high school environment is rife with peer pressure, social awkwardness and insecurity, not to mention unrealistic media images and messages. Pressure to appear and behave beyond their emotional development can put today’s teenagers at risk of bullying, eating disorders, depression, irresponsible sexual behaviour, drugs, and decisions that can impact the rest of their lives. The best way to curb this is to increase the teen’s self-confidence. By creating a safe environment where students are encouraged to be themselves and can “act” out their issues, an improv program will help teens discover and develop their own voice.

Emotional Awareness
Adolescence can be a confusing time. Teenagers are suddenly dealing with emotions and attractions they have never experienced before, new situations and new causes for embarrassment. It is vital at this heady time for teenagers to recognize their emotions and keep them in check. This workshop explores emotional awareness, social problem-solving, and assertiveness.


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