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The goal of most non-profit events is to raise money and raise awareness. An improv workshop is ideal on both accounts.

At no cost to the organization, I can put together an improv session. We can use your space or I can provide my own. All the group has to do is promote the event, and I will donate half the proceeds to the cause. I can do a series of workshops, such as improv, public speaking, story-telling, acting, writing, and thought-exercises, as well as I can speak, MC, or introduce speakers.

At the discretion of the organization, the improv games (such as freeze, props, and impromptu speeches) can be tailored to meet the theme. For example, if the organization has an environmental focus, we can generate scenes and ideas around living green, finding new uses for old objects, and motivating others without being preachy. The event can be a lot of fun, as well as deepen people’s awareness of the cause, bringing interest and relevance to the topic and reputation of the non-profit organization, and quickly and easily bringing in a little money to boot.

If your organization is interested in hosting an improv program, or you know an organization that can benefit from one, please e-mail Lauren at


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