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Improv and Torah

What better way is there to explore Torah than through acting out scenes from it? Why not work on a Mussar middah with role-playing scenes? Whether keeping kids interested, introducing Jewish singles, bringing more people to your shul, or adding art to your curriculum, improv is a great way to deepen anyone’s Judaism and spirituality.

Bring Lauren into your class or community centre, add a one-off workshop, or sign up youth or adults for an 8-week course. A program can be tailored to any parsha or upcoming holiday.

You can leave the administration and registration to Lauren. Programs are ideal for students from grade 3 to university; active seniors; women, especially on Rosh Chodesh; young professionals; or any group already existing at your centre.

The benefits include: Have Fun; Explore Torah Concepts; Expand Artistic Horizons; Make Friends; Build Community

Sample workshop or class:


10 Minutes – Discussion of Loshon Hara based on book Shmooze – chapter “Gossip”
10 Minutes – Warm-up games including Crazy 8s, Clap Focus, and Pass the Ball
30 Minutes – Improv Exercises and Scenes based on theme.
Planned Scene – Divided into groups, actors are given the story of Joseph and his brothers and must find a way to avoid bad-mouthing Joseph
Taxi – One student drives, another gets in cab and is dying to tell something. Driver must avoid topic. Gets out of car, passenger gets into driver’s seat, another student becomes passenger.
Freeze – Two actors play scene until told to “freeze”; another actor takes over someone’s position and starts a new scene.
10 Minutes – Wrap-Up. Cool-down exercises such as Word Association, followed by Circle discussion on what we learned and how to apply it to our lives.
For more information, or to book Lauren now, e-mail

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