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And then there’s that time that I joined that cult, and everybody held hands in a circle around a fire (or was it hundreds o mini-fires?), playing music and singing about the Peace LoveRainbow in the sky. Our leader was name Peace LoveRainbow, and sometimes he would disappear and become a spirit that would hover above us. This much I know is true, because one time he pooped on a really high statue of a pigeon.

I’m going to pause while you picture that.

In the end it didn’t work out, because Peace LoveRainbow had to go back to the spirit-form he came in and stopped manifesting as human, and after that his nephew took over the cult, but he was always squabbling with one of the love slaves who later turned against him and started her own cult, and a bunch of people left to join her. The LoveRainbow’s nephew got depressed and couldn’t hold down the cult anymore (he said it’s a lot of work), so that’s when I gave up and went back to getting a regular job.

Her cult is doing fine, though. Last I heard they bought some land in Australia (or did they just squat?) and are living there now. Occasionally, I wonder where I would be now if I had gotten along with her better. Only occasionally.