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Drop-in Class

For the last few years, Lauren has been running workshops of improv games. Many of the people who come are far too shy and wish only to watch - but are surprised by how quickly they jump in and become hooked! We also see a fair share of people who may have done it once in high school and haven't thought of it since - but are amazed at how much they miss it and want to continue!

Whatever skill level you are at, do yourself a favour and try a no-commitment class at less than the cost of a movie. Feel free to bring a friend, or all your friends. Classes are different every time. Dates and location of the next class are listed to the right of this page.


What People are Saying About Lauren’s Drop-in Improv Sessions…

“Lauren’s improv sessions help me become more comfortable at speaking before an audience.” -Finance adviser who writes off the sessions as professional training

“THELLE… I mean, Lauren, has this magnificent ability at bringing people together with the random thought-provoking ideas she puts together. Personally, I have seen her inadvertently build the confidence of others who encounter her and her delightful activities. You rock!”

“Improv, in a word it is great and Lauren (Thelle) knows her stuff. She has kept it fresh for me as I have been to many a drop-in class that she has held and am recently in a troupe she has started. And I have yet to tire of it.”

“Lauren has rekindled my interest in improv and has reintroduced me to it in a manner that has made me more capable and cognitive about it than ever. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to be an instructor of any sort.”

“Lauren’s improv classes are really wonderful : ) They’re a great medium for growth, self-exploration, community building, and learning.”

“Improv stretches your imagination, teaches conflict resolution, forces you to think on your feet – and even serves as a form of therapy. Thelle throws in helpful tips from time to time, and the self-reflection component that she builds into each class, make Laurentina’s Improv Club more than just two hours of playtime. We’re also building social, professional and acting skills, but we’re having too much fun to notice.” -from a ShalomLife article about the classes

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Nice blog Improv Lady I will certainly keep you in mind for a party. Good job I am impressed.


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