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It has been a bit of a hiatus. Over the past month, whenever I was on the subway, it was my only time to eat or my attempt to catch up on reading assignments. My schedule went into hyperventilation. As a result, I wanted to avoid going out and I drove whenever possible.

It’s been so long, the season has changed. It’s now the season of Cold. Before leaving the house, I had an instinct to wear colourful clothes, until I remembered that now I wear a coat. Which is all the more perfect, because I have rainbow-coloured hat and gloves.

So today was a sweet return. Well, an awkward sweet return. People on the platform acknowledged me briefly, then returned to their urgent floor-staring, or said something like, “Nice nose.” It was meant as a conversation closer.

It’s interesting how many people have asked me when I’ll be on my next mission, because they want to see me in action. Yet here I am, world-travelling performer in front of your very eyes, and the people in the room don’t know what to do with me. They don’t appreciate this opportunity.

On the subway, I sat across from a woman who was interested in watching me. I felt the awkwardness of not having done this in a while, and not having a group of fellow clowns as I had on my clown trip. Thank Goddess I had brought a mini-bottle of bubbles. I blew some, and she was amused and said something to her husband in their language. I got her to blow bubbles. I got her uninterested husband to blow bubbles, too. Then I attempted to put the bubbles-necklace over my head, but my hat prevented that. I tried to hang it over my nose, and it worked until I looked down. It was a good long bout of silent clowning.

I ran out of ways to entertain this woman by the next stop (four minutes.) I walked down the train and found two women who looked at me receptively. I blew bubbles at them and got them to blow bubbles, too. One was on her way to feed the homeless, where she volunteers. How wonderful! I asked if anybody ever blows bubbles there. She said no but that would be a good idea. The two women did not know each other, but I’m glad we both got to learn about this. She told me I could come to the seniors home where she also volunteers. They have clowns. I told her to tell the organizers I’d be happy to. Just come find me. I’m on the subway.

Transferring at Yonge and Bloor, I sang “Sunrise, Sunset” down the stairs. One woman appreciated it. She told me on the train she wanted to join me, but she felt self-conscious. I told her to be other-conscious and think of the riders who would also appreciate it (thanks to Scotty Watson for this idea.)

On my final train, I walked down the aisle blowing bubbles. I started out offering “Free bubbles! Free bubbles for all!” Then I added a reason for it, like “Happy Tuesday! Happy it’s cold outside! Happy December! Happy 2 p.m.! Happy 2 on a Tuesday on the two’th of the month!”

When I got to the hospital, I kept the nose on and continued the smiles on the ground floor.

Today’s tally: I got five people to blow bubbles; I created a new catchphrase; I discovered a volunteer in our community; and a conversation was struck up with someone I know, though we didn’t know how we knew each other until we kept talking. Turns out she and I frequent the same monthly improv jam, and she told me the next one is this Friday, so am I glad that I ran into her!