The Most Interesting Person in the World

Thanksgiving Weekend

Posted on: October 29, 2014

October 10

I’m surprised by how exhilarating it felt to say, “Goodbye, everyone!” before I got off at Queen’s Park. Someone wished me a happy Thanksgiving.

The best thing to do when you or someone else is racing and you almost collide at the top of the escalator is to be wearing a clown nose. It caught one rushed woman off guard and made her smile.

I talked to one guy from Lawrence to Queen. In response to seeing that I am a Clown, he told me that he is a Sagittarius and a Monkey. Those are like the same thing, right? I like that neither of us felt the need to ask, “Is this Halloween?” Because it’s not, it’s just a day on the subway and us being who we are.

The first bus on my journey is westbound, and on average three buses pass eastbound before the first one comes my way. But on this day, three buses went west and only one east. This was the best ever!


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