The Most Interesting Person in the World

Day 4, Fancy Day

Posted on: October 7, 2014

September 25

Bayview to St. George, 10:30 – 11:30 am

On the Sheppard line were a woman with a baby in a stroller. My first young customer. They both appreciated the clowning, especially when I blew bubbles. The mother thanked me as we got off.

On the Yonge line I encountered another mother and baby in a stroller. The mother was more amused than the baby, who could barely keep eye contact (like most commuters.)

After this string of babies, I encountered a string of chatty women. One woman on the platform had big earphones around her neck, and it turns out she loves listening to audiobooks. Another woman on the subway, who appreciated what I was doing, had just read a book about happiness. Her resolve is that she wants to express herself more, maybe through art.

An elderly lady had really unique hair, dyed blonde at the top and in a small clip (like a Dr. Seuss character.) I told her I liked it. She thanked me, even though she kept to herself otherwise. A woman sitting nearby was very friendly. She told me she likes watching people on the subway.

When I got to the turnstiles exiting St. George station, the latter woman caught up to me. She told me she’d been watching that lady with the hair I liked, who had a sour face from the moment she got on the subway. But when I walked away after our encounter, she had the biggest grin.

Tip: Know when to end an encounter. When they let me go. This is a great way to practice that social skill, which is important in an EXAT session for knowing when to switch topics, transition to another phase, or make an intermodal transfer.

For this day I wore a red bow tie on my white shirt, and a green feathered headband. Simple additions to the nose. When I bought tokens, the man in the booth enthusiastically told me he’d seen a girl dressed like an angel this morning, and he loves when people dress up like that. I’m finding TTC employees among the most receptive to all this.


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