The Most Interesting Person in the World

Day 3: Connecting

Posted on: October 3, 2014

September 23

Outside of York Mills station a woman sat reading The Rosie Project, a book that I read this time last year and absolutely fell in love with. I wanted to tell her what an amazing book it is and ask what she thinks of it, since she was near the end. But without my nose on, I didn’t want to interrupt her. I let her read and walked inside.

So today my theme is about connecting with people. The nose is what gives me the excuse, nay, the irrepressible desire, to do that.

Coming up the escalator as I went down, two guys who work for the TTC were chatting. One of them said to me, “Something’s different about you today…” The girl with the red nose? What could it be? “It’s your hair, isn’t it?”

I love that clowning gives other people the opportunity to make wisecracks. They seem so much less self-conscious in a “heckling”-type role than if I were to ask them to improvise a scene.

I’m going to follow Patch’s advice about hugs as it applies to eye contact. When I make eye contact with someone, don’t break until they do. (This is something I have struggled with a lot–when can I look away? When is it awkward?)

Some days I forget whether I’m wearing the nose. Even when I don’t, it feels like more people are looking at me. Do they remember me? Are they hoping I’ll do something? When I am wearing the nose, people do smile when they notice.

Most of this day I walked along the subway, reading posters and looking for people looking at me. Direct contact works better than when I perform something on my own. Like when I played with the glass divider and mimed a box around me.

A man holding a bike acknowledged me during my walkabout, so I went over and talked to him. He’s an electrical engineer from Persia. In Tehran, subways get built much faster than in Toronto. Their entire system was built in the past 15 years. He and I decided to build a tram high above ground here in Toronto.

Note to self: Bring props next time. eg. bubbles, inflatable microphone


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