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What happens when you feel passion so intensely, so all-encompassingly, that you pursue your passion to the ends of the earth. Will it result in… explosion?

That happens to be the case with Heart Strings, a new Canadian musical that takes place in Ireland. Everyone behind the scenes is full of passion: Reynold Nethaniel, the playwright, who has revived the play many times with different casts, from its Fringe Festival run with live musical accompaniment, to its latest incarnation located at Annex Live. The owner, who is full of passion for his new restaurant/musical venue, and his chef, fresh from California, so passionate about his food that he’s been offering the neighbourhood free samples of his original creations, until he pares his menu down to exactly which offerings he wants to keep. And the cast of the show, including two dancers, some of whom attend the Randolph Academy up the street to pursue their passion for the stage, and others who are just trying out theatre and discovering a new love.

And then there are the characters of the play. Every one of them is passionate about something: whether it’s music or love, money or revenge. And each one pursues his or her passion until the very end.

And, yes. That means explosion.

Along the way, there are some beautiful musical numbers. There are characters who love each other so openly and without conflict that it’s actually refreshing to see. There is some intrigue, with a few twists and surprises that I don’t want to spoil.

One thing I can say is that if you don’t see the play this time around, you may well in the future. Because this play might just be revived and return until such time as everyone in Toronto has seen it. That is how far Reynold will pursue his passion.

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