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One afternoon of music, poetry and food to benefit Sketch working arts for street youth!

This Sunday, March 13, at 2 – 6 pm, once again Laurentina’s Improv Studio will be transformed into a concert hall to showcase some amazing talent, and raise funds and awareness for Sketch — an organisation dedicated to street-involved and homeless youth, developing skills, a better life, and self-expression through art. Talented musicians, poets, and other performers, both from Sketch and from the general population, will entertain us, while generous donations from Akram’s Mediterranean Shoppe and Ideal Coffee will keep our bellies happy and our minds wired.

Original works of art, jewelery, and clothing created by Sketch artists will be for sale. Also, there is a room full of donated clothing, purses, belts, shoes, jewelery, and other valuable items, everything for $1 each to support Sketch!

For a great cause, to meet fantastic people, and have a good time, come on out! Suggested donation of $5 at the door. We would love to see you there.

It is now two full years since Monday, March 9, 2009, the day of my first weekly Monday-night improv class, and to celebrate, I am plagiarizing from my blog posting one year ago ( On that day, I decided to look back at my schedule and see what I was up to the year before. Today, I would like to look back and compare, but instead of comparing activities, I will compare goals.

On this day last year, I dreamed:

  • Of moving into my own place, where I can freely host overnight guests, start an improv troupe, host Friday-night dinners, teach improv classes, and throw parties. I do have my own place, and I am doing some of those things, as well as others I hadn’t even thought of yet…
  • I would write a blog entry every day, such as making up stories from a picture, summarising plays, writing 55-word stories, personifying the characters in a math equation, and writing lists. Today, I don’t blog every day, but I sometimes write recipes (, and I dream of reviewing restaurants, publishing my own book, and performing more original work at my bi-weekly variety show.
  • I could be financially stable, what with my million-dollar empire teaching improv workshops, drop-in classes, and hosting birthday and office parties. Since then, I have taken on a job as a walking tour guide, and recently got another job as a conversation partner to international students learning English. As for my empire? Still growing, still slowly.
  • I was struggling constantly with religion and religiosity. Nowadays it’s something I still explore, reading about and talking to people about it, but nothing I pressure myself about. And I am so excited for Passover! (Sorry Purim, I know you’re around the corner and at least as much fun… but Passover is so much specialer.)
  • That one day I would travel for a month to New Zealand and to Papua New Guinea. Haven’t been to either place yet, but a shorter stay in Argentina is around the corner, and Janet and I will visit Australia together before we’re 30.

Now it’s your turn. What were your goals this time last year? How do they stand now, and what are your goals for next year?

Bodies and souls crashing and colliding and bonking and breaking and bending and collapsing
Floating in the wind like a bowling ball and pins,
Flying in the wind like flowers dancing,

How do we make sense of it all?
 How do we make sense of it all?

The sound of one heart breaking in one corner of the Earth,
Turns a screw that lifts up another’s,
How do we make sense of that?

How long does it take for a heart to break, and a heart to realize it’s broken?
For how long does it tend for one heart to mend,
And to realize it’s capable of mending?

Fate may seem to deal a cruel blow, but know that She knows what She’s doing
And when time stands still you know it never moved at all,
And all things happen at once —

Fall in love, fall out of love, make love, break a heart, it’s all the same,
With a diff’rent mask on your face

Look — sometimes we make a mistake and it’s the most beautiful mistake
And look what great things come out of it?

And sometimes we do something right and Fate laughs in our heart
And we think we will never grow out of it

How do we make sense of it all?
How do we make sense of it all?

Maybe we don’t but we realize we will keep on going,
With new adventures up ahead unlike those we’ve left behind,
And the only important thing is the impact it leaves
And the legacy that we leave behind.
Touch a broken heart, mend it in quite the same way it broke yours.

Why do these things happen?

Because what affects me affects you affects the next person in line getting groceries
And round and round it goes like a song on repeat,
And Nobody knows where it ends

Look – perfect love is when two hearts beat as one, working together
for each other’s interest
And they move like a two-headed animal, facing the world with shared secrets.
False love is when two separate creatures work for their own accord,
And maybe one thinks they’re together but one looks out for her own interest,
And the secrets they share are from each other.

But in time all hearts will mend — maybe that’s why they were broken
in the first place?
So that one day the pieces will be picked up by a loving, benevolent Force,
With the face of your true love in life,
Who will kiss every piece,
And say I forgive,

And how long till we can forgive ourselves?