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Improv is the Oxygen your Love Life Needs

Posted on: February 9, 2011

Dear Improv lady,

Can improv help with your love life?


Dear Asterisk,

Yes, improv can help, in every stage of your love life.

Let’s start with singlehood. Statistics show that the number one characteristic that women are attracted to in a man is his sense of humour. So, men: develop this! Another attractive quality: confidence. Whatever your gender or orientation, you will attract more people if you are a confident, funny, spontaneous, interesting person… and improv workshops, as well as being able to say that you’re the kind of person who takes improv classes, will improve all of these.

As you are becoming an overall better person, an improv class is a great place to meet someone, because you know that he or she is also developing their funny and has at least one interesting hobby. An improv class is a great place to see if you are compatible with someone too, cause in the span of two hours you can see that person not just when they’re trying to charm you, but when feeling sad, angry, when trying to problem-solve, dealing with a group situation… all in the safety of knowing they’re not taking out their frustrations on you.

Improv not only develops skills that make you more attractive, but also that make you a better lover. Being a good communicator is a huge asset in a relationship, and improv hones your abilities to listen, pick up on someone’s cues, and respond in a supportive way. Improv broadens your perspective, the “yes, and” philosophy is essential when dealing with others, and the ways you support your scene partner is exactly how you should be with a life partner… not to mention co-worker, family member, friend, or anyone in your life!

Do you think conflicts never arise in a relationship? Outside of therapy, there are very few ways to better your conflict resolution skills that don’t involve being under fire. So don’t wait until you have a toilet-seat-left-up explosion. Come to a workshop and learn how to effectively say, “Yes, I love living with you, and…”

Improv makes you better at adapting to any situation. And there’s no area of life that requires adaptability more than relationships, especially relationships of the romantic kind. They are full of transitions. Even when a relationship doesn’t end up where you want, and you suffer a break-up, an improv class is a great place to find comfort, find your humour again, build up your self-esteem, meet new people and expand your horizons once again.

And if the relationship does end up where you want it to… the couple that plays together stays together! It’s true, improv couples make the best couples. Get to know each other better, spend quality time laughing together, even make fun of your own conflicts if you have any. What better way to learn strategies for getting along than laughing through your issue?

So in short, yes, improv will improve you love life. Play hard, play often, and play with your heart and soul.

The Improv Lady

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