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Sketch It Up!

Posted on: February 4, 2011

How often do you walk into a party saying, “I only want to see what it’s like”… and you’re still there five hours later? This happened several times last Sunday, especially considering nobody knew what to expect. Even I didn’t know what to expect! We all were blown away — by the food (endless platters of falafel, spinach salad, jasmine rice, vegan pizzas, baklava, etc. etc. generously donated by Akram’s Shoppe), by the music (live performances for hours on end, from Bones, Alicia, Chelsee and Gabriel, Ras Haile, and impromptu singing from Lena, among others), the five notebooks that people wrote and created art in (including “What advice will you give your grandchildren?”, “If you become famous for just one artistic masterpiece… what will it be?”, and “What creatively inspires you?”, which sparked discussion from the response, “Good deeds done anonymously”).

Even those with the best of intentions couldn’t leave, including Tammy, who inspired conversations about the quadratic equation by doing her teacher prep in the kitchen–correction, *trying* to do prep work, but work is not something that gets done at a 12-hour Laurentina-hosted Sketch It Up! party. The only work that got done was the stated goal: Raising awareness for Sketch, and having a great party, where close to 60 people mingled, ate, cleaned dishes (you totally didn’t have to, but thank you so much!), and connections were made — a record deal may be struck up, art might be commissioned for a fancy watch store, and at least one new couple may form. Not to mention the amazing art on display and store full of goodies created by the talented Sketch artists, which raised close to $250 for Sketch, as well as $70 that went directly to Sketch artists.

And speaking of awareness… what is this non-profit I keep mentioning? Sketch is dedicated to the working arts of street-involved and homeless youth. They have a 6000-square-foot studio on the north side of King Street between Bathurst and Spadina, with a recording studio, wood-working shop, kitchen, movement studio, and 3 community gardens. A few times a week they host drop-in art workshops. I particularly love their philosophy of using the arts for expression, de-stressing, and even financial independence, because some of their participants are very talented. I wish much luck and success to this organization for all its future endeavours!


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