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Why Everyone Should Be In Love With Themselves (…or, at least, Me.)

Posted on: January 12, 2011

Reasons why I think everyone should be in utter love with themselves, doing nice things for oneself, taking oneself alone on dates, occasionally (but not too often) pampering oneself with what makes you truly happy, and shooting hearts from the eyes upon seeing a mirror; not as a substitute for loving other people, or as an excuse to be selfish, or to over-compensate for a lack of love from someone else, but as a healthy part of a love-filled life and diet:

1 ) Everybody needs love. And for people who don’t get enough of it from others–or for times when others are not present–this is an important lesson in self-sufficiency.

2 ) Loneliness can lead to desperation can lead to jumping into relationships at the wrong time with the wrong person and under horrible circumstance–or staying in a terrible relationship, afraid to be alone. Learning to love oneself will allow a person to hold out for a better relationship, as well as a better adjustment out of a failed one.

3 ) Practice being an awesome partner when you’re alone. That way, when you are in a relationship, it will be second nature.

4 ) People in relationships tend to get a lot more attention than single people who are miserable and looking. Why is that? Happy love vibes are attractive! Give off happy love vibes while being single! Love yourself like you’re the best partner ever.

5 ) You are the best partner you’ll ever have. You know yourself, you know all your deficiencies and failures and yet you (should) love yourself anyway. If you don’t treat yourself right… why should anybody else?

6 ) You spend so much time with yourself. Make it the happiest time you can!

7 ) The world needs more love. If you don’t love yourself, you cannot love anyone else.

8 ) If everybody really, truly loved themselves… there would certainly be less wars and aggression and stuff.


3 Responses to "Why Everyone Should Be In Love With Themselves (…or, at least, Me.)"

This message is warm and fuzzy šŸ˜€

I think my puppy and kitty both love themselves a lot. They don’t quite love each other though. One day. One day.

Dear Improv lady

Can improv help with your love life? I was at an event the other day and met these two women. They were pretty fun and seemed to like me. They went down the up escalators and down the up escalators, so I am guessing they are bi-escalatual. Can improv help me get off on their floors?

Eddie: Good luck with your pets! Then again, it’s probably easier for them to lick their own butts than someone else’s.

Asterisk: I can’t imagine who those women could be, nor can I crack your floor-based innuendo, but improv absolutely can help with your love life. Thank you for asking. That question deserves a blog entry of its own.

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