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My New Workshop Studio/Home is now Warmed! (As is my heart)

Posted on: November 25, 2010

Hello ladies and gents!

I realize it has been a long time since last I blogginated. I have been so busy in the REAL WORLD that I avoid these Internets as much as possible. For those who don’t know… at the end of my birthday event (which now has gorgeous pictures by William Denson, linky here), I revealed my first big reveal: I am moving into Kensington Market. Well, it is now over a month later, and last Sunday was my Open-House-Warming-Shower event (where I revealed another big reveal.)

It was fantastic. Thanks to the over 50 people who came in the 11-hour span of my party, I haven’t needed to turn on my heat to warm my house since. The writing on my walls looks great, including a realistic portrayal of a Rabbi from an animator, a perspective drawing of a street, and Arcade Fire lyrics and picture of a quilt on my bedroom door. Original works of art adorn my walls, including one by the painter across the street, who I recommend buying his stuff. No fewer than 6 Davids attended, though I invited even more. Four kids were running around at one point, and it’s hard to get mad at their destructiveness when paired with their inventiveness–I never would have thought to use the hula hoop hanging from my ceiling as a basketball net!

Not many people took advantage of the collage station, though the guest books turned out much better than I could have imagined. From the sarcastic to the sublime, people revealed secret ambitions, such as “To own a dinosaur,” “Philanthropy,” “To be more like Lauren!” (my personal fave–who wrote that?), “To make inspiration music + write inspirational poems. To write a children’s book!”, “To be complete and appreciative of life and the individual components that make life worthwhile.”, and yet only one “World domination, duh!”

I Wish for the World had no less than three “World Peace.” We also had “more huddling in sweaty masses,” “I wish / I wish / I wish / everyone / a yummy dish.”, “happiness in your current situation”,  “That one day we will all gather, hold hands, and be filled with love for all.”, “Nothing, and everything 🙂 I have faith that it’s as it’s supposed to be, and I hope we will all appreciate it 🙂 ” and, of course, “That people would go on finger diets so they’d stop complaining about their inabilities to use their cell phone.”

What happened the first time you moved out on your own? “I ate from cans for two months.”, “I did laundry… …Once”, “I am your favourite brother-in-law!! Enjoy your new home!!”, “I breathed a sigh of relief and spent a lot of time sat on my heater to keep warm — that’s not good for your bum!”, and “I haven’t yet … I’m too scared … good luck.”

What makes you truly happy? “Puppies or a good cuddle. :)” One entry I keep reading as “Crisp & sunny jail days”. But I think it’s meant to say “Crisp & sunny fall days”. “Being Alive :)”, “CHEESE!”, “confidence”, and my personal favourite:  “Reading this book!”

One story that I cannot get out of my head comes from the book, Tell me your tale of Kensington Market: “I went on a date w/ a guy to the Supermarket for open mic and he told me he was HIV+. It was the first date… It was sad. He said by law he had to tell me. :(” Another that better epitomizes the area: “Went to Pedestrian Sunday! It was awesome fun! Got hypnotized for free, saw awesome drumming/parade, bought jewellery, ate at that awesome Burrito Place! mmm mmm Kensington is full of AWESOMENESS!!! :)” Someone who took the title literally: “One day Kensington Market met a froggy princess and threatened not to kiss her lest all his fruit and nik-naks might turn into the financial district”. “There was this hairy girl” and “I did stand up the very first time around the corner from here…” To read the rest of that, as well as the rest of the amazing entries, you will have to come here and look at the books!!

Also, I learned my friends are a distrusting bunch: almost half of the advice given to me in the Advice Basket was to lock my doors! Not including, “do you carry mace/pepper spray?” Better advice: “Always make sure your toilet paper supply is ample.” (especially since I opt not to carry tissues.) “~Keep an open-mind policy and a selective door one~ … Also, eat fresh vegetables…”

The Free Stuff Swap went off well, with 2 environmentally themed t-shirts snatched up pretty quickly. I believe I will set up a Free Stuff Swap table as a permanent fixture of my home. Also, I may reconsider painting my walls… I love letting people write on them.

Two mezuzot were installed at my front and back entrance! I now have a reindeer and balloons on my bookshelf. People tried to mini-golf on my turn grass, debated whether the spare room could be a meditation room or a torture room. At the time, it was meant to house my first museum exhibit, which is the fact that in 3 weeks, I have had almost no garbage or recycling–bulk buying, baby! As well as getting everything used and with hardly any packaging–be good to the Earth!

On our improv walking tour, we discovered that 24 nuns suffocated in my bedroom. Cookies were baked. Wine was cracked open without a corkscrew. A video was taken with people offering me more advice. Handwriting was analysed, where someone was discovered to be “aggressive”, someone who would never otherwise be described as aggressive.

At the end of it all, 4 friends took me out for Vietnamese food at midnight, just because we can. I love this new neighbourhood!

Stay tuned to find out what this month’s big announcement was…

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You should post a picture of the mezuzah.

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