The Most Interesting Person in the World

Scavenger Hunt in Kensington Market

Posted on: October 17, 2010

Yesterday, people the world over celebrated the Grand Birthday of Lauren B. Stein. Guests travelled in from Thornhill, Mississauga, Kitchener, Detroit, and Texas to party it up with me in Kensington Market!

Kicking off the festivities, Steve Murray, the mayoral non-candidate, delivered a speech at *Hotshot about my greatness, and how, when he becomes mayor, he will kick out of Toronto all the people who aren’t great like him and myself.

Then began the Treasure Hunt. Each guest was given a coupon and a clue, and we all had to find our location in Kensington Market to perform a task. Adam and William found the aquariums at the back of Caam United Hardware store. At the Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts & Culture, Cassaundra led us in some improvised poetry, with everyone getting a chance to take the stage. Tammy found Akram’s Shoppe on Baldwin, where Hayim, whose name means “Above Love”, gave us Mediterranean treats while we serenaded her. Myles and Gilleen found the trippy Indian bike at Red Arrow Bikes, and Eve led a few dances for Sarah at The Rage while Jeremy kept watch outside. We stopped at Tibet Café to chant for serenity and peace, then Salvador led us to Rare Earth Organics, where we learned about cacti from Allen the painter, and discovered where you can buy peyote. Brita flew to Fairies Pyjamas and took a snooze on their front porch. At Herbs International, Bonnie had to identify 3 herbs to get our mini-treasure chest. She led us in some improvised story-telling, with each person pulling an object from the chest to incorporate into their sentence. When the story was over… one object remained, which was the key to our BIG reveal at the end!

Then, Janet brought us to Bellevue Square Park, where we sat under Al Waxman (the King of Kensington) and learned that Madonna and other pop culture figures of 1984 are NOT the same as Indira Gandhi and other political figures of 1984. We returned to Tibet Café for tea and realized that two professional photographers had been trailing us all day. More joined for dinner at Kensington Cornerstone, where David and Ada very graciously hosted our large and rambunctious crew.

Thanks to everyone who came to make this birthday party spectacular! And for those who missed the chance to hear the BIG reveal… you too will find out soon enough!


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