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Laurentina’s New Demo Reel

Posted on: September 7, 2010

The good news is, I have TONS of experience hosting live, radio, and on-camera events, interviews, and oddities. The bad news is, come the day I need access to video footage… I have none. My fabulous speech and wonderful MC’ing talents from my sister’s wedding are captured on a disk I travelled beyond the city to obtain… yet can’t get off the disk to edit. My interview footage for TACtv I haven’t had access to, and none of my interviews for Contact have video. All the videos I shot for *Hotshot are waiting for the website to be launched before I can go near them again. So, despite the hours and hours of me looking and sounding awesome… we had to start from scratch.

Now that that’s out of the way… Aren’t you excited to see my new demo reel?

This text is the link. That means, click it.


2 Responses to "Laurentina’s New Demo Reel"

It’s like a video resume in no particular order, whatsoever!
I have no idea whats going on here. It’s extremely confusing to watch. Sorry.


Welcome to the wacky world of demo reels! You should see the other stuff on vimeo. They have to be as fast-paced and high-energy as possible. It’s not like we’re telling a story.

Although – we did initially have a thought that I could “host” my demo reel, that is introduce it and maybe say a few words about it. But that seems to be not the thing to do for demo reels. And while it is extremely hard for me to follow the straight and narrow path of what is “expected” from my artistic output (or anything, really…), since the entire purpose of this project is for it to get watched and approved of by people who tend to be “by-the-book”… I had to minimize any straying from simply doing what others do.

Boo-urns! Next time I make a demo reel, I should break that expectation! Maybe I’ll include animations, or me doing circus tricks, or something else that they’re totally not expecting! It probably won’t get me a job, but that might amuse me at least!

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