The Most Interesting Person in the World

Guiding Principles in Improv and in Life

Posted on: September 2, 2010

You cannot be a selfish person and be a good improviser. The more you practice improv, the more you hone your listening skills and skills that will improve your relationships as well as your outlook on life. It would be impossible to convey all the benefits of improv in a blurb in a blog, but I would like to dispense a bite-sized chunk where I can.

Make Active and Positive Choices

Improvisation is guided by a philosophy of “Yes, and”. This means that when creating a scene, we a) listen to our partner, b) support their statements and actions, and c) build on what they created. Your statements and actions should be positive, support the reality of the scene, and give us something interesting to watch–not in the next scene or in a fictional tomorrow, but RIGHT NOW!

Don’t know what I mean? Would you like to work on this? Ask me in the next workshop, and I’ll show you how to break out of a habit of negativity.

Do you know others who could benefit from this perspective? Bring me in to your office, home, or favourite hangout, and set up a workshop with them.


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