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A few weeks ago, I had the luxury of attending the Master Improv Retreat in the Catskills. The program is best summarized as Improv Camp for Adults. About 40 people who work, or at least live, in the fields of improv, drama, or teaching either of the above, got together to workshop 10 hours a day, perform every night, and eat delicious food, surrounded by beautiful mountainous greenery… and, in my favourite expression, *geek out*.

I find it so valuable not only because it’s fun, and because I get to be trained by big-name improv people whose names I can’t wait to drop, and because I learn a lot and have the chance to work with really good improvisers… but also, it’s just so incredibly valuable to be in an environment with people who see the value in what we do. It is encouraging. It is inspiring. It made me come home and feel like my life is worth living, my art is worth pursuing, and I don’t have to stumble for words at the next cocktail hour–I will hold my head up high when asked what I do for a living, and reply, “I make up stuff on the spot–it’s a skill that not everybody has, and I teach it. And it makes the world a better place!” Then when they tell me they do something boring like dentisting or doctoring… I will snicker. Because arts are important, but life-and-death emergencies are lame.

It was so inspiring, in fact, that I am signing up to return next week for the Improv Intensive. Anybody else up for that? Anybody up for a road trip with me?