The Most Interesting Person in the World

Wanted: Ride to New York. Also wanted: Ride from New York.

Posted on: July 6, 2010

In a few weeks, I am training at a Master Improv Retreat in the Catskills. I know what you’re thinking. My career path is tough. The training I must go through… I know, it’s hard, but someone’s gotta do it.

That being the case, I need to be in Big Indian the morning of Monday, July 19. If you happen to be leaving Toronto on Sunday night headed southwards,  I can be dropped off at a bus station in NYC, Albany, Manhattan, Rochester, Utaca, or anywhere else that can help me get to my final destination.

And, as I intend to return, if you or someone else happens to be heading northward from any of those locations, on Friday, July 23 after 4 pm, or even on Saturday, please let me know.

I am a good car guest. I am willing to help with driving, paying for gas, can bring some healthy treats or buy food along the way (depending on what kind of restaurant you intend to stop at), and generally bringing up the awesome in the vehicle. I may be fun and amusing along the ride; or I may be asleep. Like life itself, that is a mystery. I may even give you random presents and/or bring good road-trip music.

And perhaps best of all: I’m willing to give free improv sessions for the ride(s).


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