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My therapist broke up with me today.

Posted on: May 31, 2010

I am now officially the Biggest Loser Ever. Who gets dumped by someone who gets paid to reassure you that you’re a good person?

Today, after our session, my therapist told me that she didn’t need to see me any more, I should work out my problems on my own. I think that something I said in our last session hurt her feelings. This seems to imply that I”m not perfect after all, that I really do need to be less harsh, and that all my problems are not other people’s fault.

That’s ridiculous. She just doesn’t get me. You know what, I’m glad to be leaving her. She obviously doesn’t appreciate my sense of humour, or the fact that my problems are amazingly interesting. Besides, her office was too far to drive to, anyway.

5 Responses to "My therapist broke up with me today."

I think you’re looking at this entirely the wrong way. This should be seen as a good thing. It’s like when your othrodontist takes off your braces and says “ok, you don’t have to see me anymore. Just go to the regular dentist every 6 months like everyone is supposed to.”, or when you heal from an injury and you get off crutches to walk on your own. I don’t know you you’ve ever been on crutches but you can imagine.
This is what’s supposed to happen. you don’t want to finance your therapist’s lifestyle forever. Take the money and finance your own. If she said you don’t need to see her anymore, great. That means you can take care of yourself.
If you still need someone to talk to, as people do from time to time, phone a friend they are much cheaper and don’t kick you out after an hour.

My therapist was covered by OHIP, so I wasn’t financing her lifestyle; the province was.

Which makes me realize the difference between what I do and what she does. Improv is like pre-emptive therapy. If you take it early enough, you won’t have the massive issues later.

So if OHIP is going to be covering therapy they shouldn’t they treat it like doctors that treat your body. You should get a metnal health check up every year. That way if there is something to find they will find it early and it shoudl take less time to treat. Then they don’t end up seeing people AFTER they’ve gone off the deep end and possibly harmed somebody or themselves. If would also create a history that mental health professonals can compare to so changes will be easier to spot.

They had ads about something like this a while back. Heres the web site.
It’s not exactly what i’m talking about but it’s close.

I agree. There SHOULD be an annual mental health check-up. There should also be regular relationship check-ups, so spouses will be in touch with how each other feels and issues in child-raising will be looked at before you end up with a 6-year-old you hate and treat like crap, etc.

Also, the comparison to the orthodontist or to crutches isn’t 100%, because whatever issues the therapist supposedly solved haven’t all gone away.

Then again, I’m no longer in therapy–I’m in improv.

what does “supposedly solved” mean? I think that means not solved. So either therapy was a waste of time or it made you strong enough handle it yourself. If the second one is the case then the crutches are still a good comparison. They allow you to get places when your legs are weak. When you get off them you still have to get places but now you can walk on your legs to get there.

I like my similes but i’ll admit they aren’t perfect.

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