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And now for Lauren’s regularly-scheduled attempt at vegetarianism…

Posted on: May 17, 2010

I’ve done this before. One time in high school, I overheard on tv that entire fields of grains, fields that could feed tons of people or do lots of good, are being eaten by cows that we eat, that we overeat, that someone only needs a palm-sized amount but instead go for 12 ounces or whatever. Anyway, it all seemed wasteful and inefficient the way they described it, and I hate for things to be inefficient. So I stopped eating beef. For 10 months or something.

I even went to Argentina during that time–a place famed for its beef, and all my cousins were going on an on about the beef and how we must try it–for my cousin’s wedding, and they had no alternative option for dinner. The head chef came out to talk to me, and promised to throw something together. Luckily there were some eggs around, so they made me an omelette. A mushroom omelette. I hate mushrooms.

For some reason, not eating meat and hating mushrooms don’t go well together. Why is it that almost half of the meat-free alternatives are based around mushrooms? *Shudder* So anyway, a few months later, soon after returning from a trip to Israel, I decided there was no point going on with it, and I ordered a hamburger at a cafeteria.

Well, a few days ago I read about how chickens are mistreated. That’s not very nice. Not only that, but at least one cow can feed lots of people, whereas a chicken can only be divided into so many meals. That seems even more inefficient. I can’t eat chicken anymore.

I sat through meal after meal where meat was offered to me, but I just couldn’t do it. Then, the inevitable happened. There was leftover chicken that Bubie wasn’t going to eat. She was going to throw it out. You may not know this about me, so I’ll tell you now: I can’t stand to see food wasted. Throwing out food is about the worst thing you can threaten me with. So, knowing full well that this animal probably suffered (though I hope not), and that suffering would have been in its skin and its flesh, and would now be digested and go into my system and now I’ll be filled with chicken-suffering… nonetheless, I ate the chicken. Oy.

Anemia could still be a problem for me, as well as undernourishment if I don’t balance out my diet. But I’ve already gotten used to not ordering meat when I go anywhere that’s unkosher. I also don’t buy meat when I prepare food for myself (not that that happens very often). If I had my druthers, I would only eat free-range, well-treated animals that were killed in a painless and kosher manner. But for now, I’m going to eat even less meat than usual. Especially chickens.

How do you cope with the guilt over eating tortured animals?


1 Response to "And now for Lauren’s regularly-scheduled attempt at vegetarianism…"

How a w e s o m e and essential to the basic truth-with-self of freedom it is to be open to re-examine things we are used to; things that everyone around us are used to also; things we really are attached to; and to still be open to accept new, and even conflicting views about those things, and be honest in our assessment, and go straight forward with what we’ve learned to the actions that follow, at least as best we understand… until more new views and understanding join the equation : )

That is being really alive. That is real joy.

Lauren is a w e s o m e = : )

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