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6x + 5y = 8

Posted on: April 26, 2010

6x + 5y = 8

5x + 6y = 14

What happens when you bring together 6 of your closest friends and 5 of your most casual acquaintances for a chip ‘n dip party? 8 of them come out alive!

But if you put 5 friends and 6 acquaintances in a blender, you will end up with more than the sum of their worth. How is that possible?


2 Responses to "6x + 5y = 8"

you want a theoretical explaination for something you have empirical evidence for? what actually happened?

I’ve been trying to figure that out for exactly one month now.

Luckily I have the attention of a math tutor… so what am I supposed to do, JG? How do we solve this problem (both theoretical and mathematical)?

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