The Most Interesting Person in the World

The Lady of the House

Posted on: April 20, 2010

Lady: I’m too tired and full of dead fish to walk home. Can’t my house just  stilt-walk over to me?

Fish: Lady, this is a place where fish gotta fly, dead fish gotta swim, and clouds like to sing. But everyone knows that houses do not move. That’s just crazy.

Lady: Oh, house, stop staring at me with those big, glaring windows. Why do you taunt me so???


4 Responses to "The Lady of the House"

Lauren this is fantastic! Thanks so much for writing it. Simply delightful!

The mer-lady and her fish strike again!
Last time our beloved mergirl was enjoying chocolaty sneeze freedom from invasive hair interventions… and there was that one disapproving fish sneakin about… well, after that it was fffft ! (that’s a whistle) Everyone out of the pool. And she got sent to her room, which happily is a house very creatively chillaxed window placement, and long fun stilts (since the house dreamed all its life about being in the circus, and doing the trapeze). So the ring leader (not to be confused with Sauron) told her (the house) to start with stilt practice, since the last house he sent to try the high flying rings ended up in Mordor.. oop, I mean, it got RenOVated!!! da da Daaaaaa. But anyhoooz, she’s happily a-stilting, and our beloved merfriend is in there blogging…
Now, we have to pause and please join me in saying a prayer, with all the love you can muster, for the sweet but sadly angermified merlady with the red hair, who doesn’t know how to wrap her head around things like stiltwalking houses.. or living outside the sea at all! and by no intent, and though she really also loves our sweet mergirl, she’s gotten very stressed and and churlish, and then oY Zeisa Tateee help us, she splashed right into the uber-pooper-perturbedeness! yipeS. So we need to ask please for her untagling of heart, and her happiness to flow on back, and her love and joy to shine tink-a-rine right on back! please and sweetly and soon.
In the meantime, (while we send her all the love we can), all that saltiness she’s generating’s gone and done in the local fishies populations.
But then there was this one fish named, something like Neo or Nemo or somethig, and it learned how to fly, and get out of the matrix… which was just water and he went on this whole loopy trip… but what can ya do.. his uncle took a trip to Gibraltar … but heard it Gefilte, and that mostly addled his brains… anyhow it worked out because then he could fly, so some of our beloved sweet merlady’s fishimificational friends were saved : ) yaY

lol where do you get the pictures you post on your blog?

Jenn: Thanks for your comment. And thanks for the picture!

MM: I hadn’t noticed the similarities between this and yesterday’s pictures. Thanks for pointing that out — and for making me a mermaid! 🙂

Jenny: I get them from pictures my friends (or strangers) take or make, from flickr, from blogs… whatever people submit. Do you have any pictures I could use?

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