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Just one of those days

Posted on: April 18, 2010

You ever have one of those days where you wake up in the morning to find that your hair has been replaced by an explosion of toothpaste, and fish are trying to eat it, but you don’t care cause you smell Wintergreen Fresh, and even though you don’t have eyes you can see psychedelic bubbles all around you, and you’ve lost your clothes but it’s okay because you’re wearing nail polish and your cheeks blush in perfect circles?

Yeah, me neither.

Thanks to Marta Ryczko for her hallucinatory contribution to this art blog.


1 Response to "Just one of those days"

She reminds me of you… except that she’s much less magical, and she isn’t beaming spifftastic life glee energy all over the place (as evidenced by the little dark orange fish on the left, who isn’t smiling.. the other fish are though so at least she’s trying), and she isn’t nearly as beautiful (what?! it’s true!) and if it was you there would need to be dolphins somewheres about, and mermaids too : ) This coming form your myrman, hehe, and she looks like she needs to sneeze too! so she may have just eaten some quality chocolate… or maybe she was sipping cherry vishniak, but then look what her sneezes did! We worked for hours trying to tame her hair into some fashion we liked (though she just wanted to run free with her glee : ) so she must have eaten the chocolate knowing it would bring on her sneezes, and all those bouncy fun bubbles!!! ahA. We’re on ter her wiley ways now! And her hand is too thin – lets feed her some cake… it’s still chol ha’moed bday : P hehe

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