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This Post is Brought to you by the Letter “E”

Posted on: April 16, 2010

  • my second favourite guitar chord (favourite is eMinor)
  • stands for “eat” on a compass rose (full acronym: Never Eat Shredded Wheat)
  • can be used as either a monopthong or dipthong, depending on the wordEgyptian hieroglyph, according to Wikipedia (and if an r is involved)
  • can pre-empt a word to make it electronical. For instance: e-mail, e-telegram, e-just-call-your-friend.
  • vitamin better known as tocopherols. In some circles.
  • the square of C multiplied by M
  • a fundamental subatomic particle, of the negative variety
  • orbital eccentricity. This use made the list only because it has “eccentricity” in its synonym.
  • 14 in hexadecimal. This use made the list because it has “Hexadecimal” in its explanation.
  • plays some good eels music. I recommend Daisies of the Galaxy.
  • for when you want to perform differential and integral calculus with exponential functions and logarithms. (aka 2.718)
  • means that everyone can play this video game!
  • first letter of a postal code, to signify New Brunswick
  • a coat hanger. Just look at it: e is begging for you to hang something off that tail.
  • drug to cure your brain from not-looking-like-Swiss-cheese-itis (Yes, but can it make your brain taste like Swiss cheese?)
  • a gender-neutral way to say “he” or “she” without being annoyingly grammatically incorrect and referring to an individual in the plural. Not that I’m opinionated when it comes to people abusing grammar, or anything.
  • as the title of a piece of Flash Fiction. For instance:

Janet wanted to see a good throw-down. She threw the uses of e into a cage and waited for them to fight for supremacy. Much to her chagrin, the definitions wanted to play nice and comb each other’s hair. She was having none of it. She had a Brass Trophy and a sponsorship deal for the winner already set up. She tried to provoke a fight, punching the musical note and pointing at East, even smashing the heads of the vitamin and drug together, but nothing was happening. When the e’s started holding hands and singing kumbaya, she finally gave up. Bought herself a box of o’s.

(Bad luck there, too. All she got was subliminal messages in her cereal and hugs without kisses. And a Big Fat Nothing.)


5 Responses to "This Post is Brought to you by the Letter “E”"

Far ouT!
So I start reading, and what you wrote was so cool from the get-go. So funny, creative, lotsa brains : ) Nice story at the end.

But pretty much as soon as I started reading I thought a classic Motti thought = ooH, I’ll add the ancient ktav Ivri (proto-canaanite) E and it’s background info to this E-funimification!

Then I saw two pictures Lauren included without explanation… and low and behold they look just like the pictographic precursors to the letter E/Hei. What the hoople! : ) Did she pick those on purpose?

So I go e-searching for pictures of the early alphabet, and the pictures the letters are related to.
… And … … I found the same hieroglyphic happy looking guy on the wiki Proto-Sinaitic page, and the more square but maybe still happy.. or under arrest guy here:

In both cases those are pictures for the letter hei, which makes the sound of the letter “h” but which evolved (seemingly via Greek and then Roman [needs further investigation]) to become the letter “E”.

The top and bottom arms of the “E” which we know and love, are the arms of the happy/under arrest guy from the 3500 or so year old pictogram. The middle arm of our “E” is his head.

Mind you, don’t get the wrong idea from my calling him happy/caught-red-handed… that’s just me being silly. I don’t know what the picture is meant to represent. My first thought was actually that it meant prayer (don’t really know though /shrug).

Also P.S. If you go look at the page i gave the e-link to, (which I recommend since it’s got various nifty charts) take note – various of the statements made are not completely accurate.
For example – It says there that the Jews=Hebrews=Ivrim were thus called because they came from across the Euphrates. The Hebrew word Avar being the source. This isn’t wrong, but is incomplete, since our sages tell us that is one of 3 possible reasons. (3 are given but I don’t know if that precludes an alternative(s) from being correct). The 3 are:
a) from Avar = across the river.
b) From Ever = Noah>Shem>Arpachshad>Shelach>EVER> Peleg>Re’u>Serug>Nachor>Terach>Abraham… Ever is Abraham’s ancestor.
c) Abraham being an iconoclast = on one side of the world and everyone else on the other. The whole world believed in many gods and Avraham alone recognized the Living Infinite One, Creator of all existence.

Another incomplete statement is in the section Primordial Origins>Canaanite Variant. They state that the Torah was originally given in Ktav Ashurit (from Ashrei) and not in Ktav Ivri. As far as I read there were various possibilities suggested by the sages regarding the meaning of the name Ktav Ashurit, and the discussion I think was regarding the script in which the 2 tablets were given. I don’t know if the script of the Torah scroll was being discussed at all (needs investigation).
a) Ashurit = from Ashrei = praised. Perhaps this script was considered sacred and used for sacred things where the Ktav Ivri was the common script used for common things
b) Ashurit = from Ashur = Assyrian. Perhaps this script was adopted from the Assyrian script.
c) i think there was another where I first read this but my memory is a sneaksy hobbit : P

Anyhow – as far as I can tell, the source of the letter E is the letter Hei, which was drawn at one point as a person with arms up, and means Window, according to Sefer Yetzirah and wiki’s Phoenician alphabet page… attributed to Phoenicians though the earliest appearances of this alphabet that I know of to date are the Gezer Calendar = found in Israel; seems to be a list of the seasons in agricultural terms > this happens to be legible Hebrew which I understand. And the inscription at Serabit El-Khadim = an Egyptian turquoise mine, from ~1700 BCE, written it seems by a semitic group who worked in the mines. One thing I read about this said the writing was readable Hebrew and included prayers to G-d for rescue (needs further investigation).

Far Out!

Thanks for your insights and investimigations.

Just so you know: images on my website always have a mouseover (as I expect all images on the web to have.) Hold your mouse over things, because sometimes it reveals important clues to life, such as my sources, or the artist behind the image.

The pictures I used come from Wikipedia. I now feel ashamed for not crediting that website enough for this post. This post was brought to you not only by e, but also by Wikipedia. And Motti.

The reason there is both a list and a Flash Fiction is because on Friday I like to make 2 posts in one. You know, to tide my readers over until Sunday.

And in response to everything else you’ve researched… Yes, but what can you tell me about the E Minor chord?

It is the best letter of the alphabet.

and it is full of ease. eeeeeeeee’s.

it sounds like cheese.



ch ch ch cheasy

Thanks, Janet.

But the best letter, by far, is L.

In fact, we wouldn’t have the word “letter” without it.

It is the start of the Lauren. It also is another name for G-d. Coincidence? Definitely.

Pfft, your g-d has too many times! like eleventeen or sixteenone.

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee shall fight with another letter of the alphabet! alephbet. sure, whatever works.

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