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Posted on: April 6, 2010

I never thought I would dedicate this many entries to my car. But now that I think about it, I have a lot of good memories with her. Despite my recurring desire to sell her and only use the TTC, or rent a car by the hour, or move so everywhere I go is within walking distance (not likely in Toronto), or my latest idea: buy a bicycle; a lot of wonderful things have happened between me and Sabra.

There were all those accidents. This might not sound like the best way to start such a list, but they were fun memories. There was that cute kiss on the highway with the car in front of me. The time my front wheel and mirror got eaten by an 18-wheeler on the way to my friend’s birthday party. The 3 passengers and I still made it to that birthday party.

There are also countless tickets. Parking tickets from at least 3 different cities. Driving tickets, more than I can count. I remember the first time I got pulled over, the officer let me off with a warning, even though I didn’t pull over when I saw his lights in the mirror. I was expecting a siren. There’s the time I got pulled over dressed as a clown. Another time I got pulled over dressed as a mad scientist. I prefer getting pulled over in costume. The last time I got a ticket I was plainclothesed, and I still don’t know when is my court date for that.

Tickets and accidents aside, I do have great memories of my car. My friend got so drunk once in university that he puked out the passenger side. I was driving on a highway and would never think to slow down. I didn’t know whether it was better for me to lean left or right, so in the end I got a stream all along both doors and beyond. Within an hour of cleaning it up, drunk kids on campus put a boa through the open windows, and I left it there for a few weeks.

There were road trips. I was designated driver on more than one camping trip. I used to keep 2 sleeping bags in there year-round. A boyfriend and I once slept in my car at the TTC parking lot, cause it had stopped running and we got up at 6 so he could take the earliest train home. Ironically, that was the tallest guy I ever dated. He might have been uncomfortable, but I slept fine.

That car helped a friend move. It picked me up from the airport once. It picked up strangers, or people we kinda knew, when it seemed they were walking or waiting for a bus in the same direction as us. Too often it has driven to 3 or more cities in one day.

It was used mostly to drive uptown, between here and Guelph, or between here and the cottage. I loathe to drive downtown, but have been doing that more lately because my boyfriend doesn’t love the TTC like I do (not to mention, the TTC doesn’t charge like it used to.) I used to fill up the gas once a month, now it’s every other week, or every week at the worst of times. Gas is now twice as much as when I first started driving her, only 5 years ago. Recently I changed the oil (a few months overdue), and now I need up to $2000 worth of new parts, plus I still haven’t changed out of the winter tires it turns out I didn’t need this year.

All this is to say I wanted to add a few things to the last two posts. They are as follows.

  1. The picture in the last post is the After picture. I didn’t take a Before picture. But it probably would have looked better.
  2. It rained the day after this was done. I thought that would have taken care of whatever needed washing. It didn’t. It has rained again since the car wash. Still to no avail.
  3. Today my mom showed me a flyer she got in the mail for someone who comes to the driveway to fix dents and scratches. I could have price-compared. There are probably a lot of new businesses doing this. If you get a flyer or hear of a company doing this, don’t discount them. It is very likely not the 3 guys who decorated my car. My guys aren’t at the level of handing out flyers or putting up a website. If they did, I would have a better chance of calling them up again, talking to a Better Business Bureau, or in any way holding them accountable because their reputation mattered.
  4. I’ve been doing research on painting the car. Motti tells me they had a Mythbusters episode that proved a car became more fuel-efficient when it was textured like a golf ball. I’m adding this to my list.

4 Responses to "Memories"

-trip to the shul near Markeys that day when newly spending time with Lauren after walking around the neighborhood.
-Trying to get the little compartment door thingy to stay closed : P
-trip to Mississaugan musical friend fun night
-to basement Gymprov after late start day : )
– to License test
-to the Waterpark
-to the Zoo
-packed completely and totally full for camping trip
-to HotShot for Improv fun many a time
-to the cottage and back… with funniness
-to the drive-in!
-to Lauren’s parents and to mine : )
-to Eldan’s for sukkot dinner which turned out to actually be suprise murder mystery b-day
-to the porch shows = : )
-to bar mitzvah and wedding (mmm fun dancing)
-to Chalkers going away, and the Silver Dollar (more dancing : ) with bluegrass music)
-to Comedy Club for some good improv
-to Jaffit bowling party : )
-to Shabbabess up north with friends
-taking Janet to her car far west
-to visit Motti’s Baubie
-to the airport with Annie to pick up Lauren !
-to the ticket place, hehe
-coming home on Purim night
-to Mad Science and back
-taking Baubie and her friend Anne places
-fixing the wiper in the rain at night and the magical window cleaning
-to the FHJC to hear Rabbi Tatz
-backing into Baubie’s garage (holy tight fit batman!)
-cousin Glenda’s excellent parking in Kensington
-to Julia’s for music with friends
-hands held while driving
-eating cucumbers
-tzedaka out the window
-soooo many small and wonderful treasured moments : )

P.S. Here’s the video of the golf-ball car. Go to 40 min.

Dan says:

“If you really wanted to do this to your car, the easiest way would be to use 2-part polyurethane spray foam. …
The foam would only add about 20 pounds or so and cost about $600. …
As a nice side effect the car would be a lot warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.”

With the cost, added weight, and likeliness that it would degrade quickly, it may or may not be worth trying this. But now don’t I regret that for all that time, I had access to polyurethane liquids…
Not much, mind you. Just enough to make the size of a golf ball now and then.

Lauren i haven’t had that many adventures with my car yet but already I managed to put a big scratch on it. I’m going to one of those cash only places.. i’ll let you know what the quality is like, but i heard good things and but it’s supposed to be way cheaper.

I just went to a car dealership and found out that the $2000 bill for car parts that my car’s dealership gave me, is completely unnecessary. Only one part needs to be replaced, the brakes are good until December, and the fluids are clean enough. Just a heads-up to anyone handed a huge bill by someone–whether large corporation or one guy on your driveway–that could be an attempt to get himself work. Ask me, I’ll hook you up with a good mechanic.

On the other hand, I’m so tempted to follow in Simon’s footsteps:

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