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Don’t let your house roll away from ya.

Posted on: April 1, 2010

We used to have a tire hanging from a tree in our yard.

Until the tire started eating people. It grew a centre, and from that centre spindly arms crawled out and started grabbing children as they went for an innocent swing ride.

Eventually, we had to take it out back and put it down. It was a tough experience, since we liked it so much, especially when it started eating neighbourhood kids we didn’t want on our lawn. So useful.

But, you know, these things happen.


5 Responses to "Don’t let your house roll away from ya."

Man, you think you’ve got it bad? I had a whole playground set that did the same thing. Uprooted itself, too, so it could chase’em down, and devour unruly children with any of its three mouths. Then this one jerk got the city bigwigs involved. It ran off, we had to pursue it around town. Took five bullets to the primary support rod before it finally went down. Then three more to the slide before it finally went to sleep.

*sigh* That’s life, I suppose.

I read in The Tires Post that this tire has a preference for children, preferably those with stringy hair. Apparently this one in particular believed the hair was similar to spaghetti, and DAMN! It was a hungry one. But believe it or not, it seemed to not take a liking to those pudgy kids, I hear they smell like ham and that ain’t kosher.

The wheels on that bus went round and round
Through the town. Up and down
The wheels on the bus went bumping over mounds
All the willy-dilly day

The wheels on the bus carried the clowns
Smiles hiding frowns, and laughing sounds
The wheels on the bus of balloons surrounding crowns
Ever heard of a bus like that? : )

Hi Lauren!

I love this story — poor little monster! Thanks for using my photo.

Now that I’ve found your blog, I’ve got a lot of reading to do to catch up with it. So far, it’s a neat place 🙂


Thanks for your poetry and prose!

And to our intrepid photographer — thanks for your picture! Feel free to send another photo my way, if you ever want to see the story behind it…

And that offer goes to all my artist friends out there.

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