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Have you cleaned your house lately?

Posted on: March 28, 2010

It’s a good idea that for the Jewish holiday coming up (Passover), we’re supposed to clean the house and look for crumbs anywhere one might eat. This gives me the chance to do some of that cleaning I never would have done otherwise. Today I checked under the couch cushions and found the strangest thing.

I want to see if anybody can top an arm and a leg.


3 Responses to "Have you cleaned your house lately?"

Dust dust dust!

Sorry, nowhere near as entertaining.

That’s why I always say – you shouldn’t keep people in your pockets.. or when you sit on a couch they fall right out and get lost between the cushions.

My shweethart does it anyways, and thinks I’m some kinda loony to think she’s got pockets (what’s pocketses precioussss?? )but I gotta love her – she’s a real dime of a girl.

So how come I never find anything exciting when I clean my house?

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