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Horror Movie Trailer

Posted on: March 25, 2010

Just when you thought it was safe to go camping in the lake…

Little did you know, coming from the shore, is a big… scary…

(It’s not a shark, it’s not a laser-beamed piranha, it’s not a man in a Speedo. It’s a…)


It’ll eat your children. It’ll spit out your broken heart. It’ll diminish your granola supply.

GIANT CANOE. This summer. Coming to a theatre near you.


3 Responses to "Horror Movie Trailer"

Finding the harder way : )
So Bob is like “Awww, but portaging is sooo hard : (”
So Morrie is like “hA! You think that’s hard… Try paddling across land and portaging through the water!”

Next time you want to get your campers excited to enjoy a nice day out on the lake – just carry a canoe over head into the lake : ) It worked for me.

I’m scared of the canoe.

Canoeing has always been associated with arguing and bickering for me. At camp, no one seemed to be satisfied with anyone else’s canoeing, and there was always that one canoe that glided so smoothly and swiftly across the lake that made everyone jealous.

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