The Most Interesting Person in the World

Watch the Bench.

Posted on: March 23, 2010

People are always asking about me. Like it’s your business why I’m crossing the road. Do I show up at your place of work and ask, “Why does the human fill out the TPS report?” Every time I see my friends at the coop, do we exchange theories about why the person goes to the gym?

Then why do you have to be that way?


3 Responses to "Watch the Bench."

Say a chicken leaves one side of the road (side A) for the other (side B) @ 500 cm/hr, and at the same time an egg leaves from side B for side A @650 cm/hr. Assume the distance from side A to side B is 3000 cm, find how long it will take them to meet.
: )

… and given that result – did the chicken or the egg arrive at the other side first?

: WARNING : Spoiler Alert!

Okay, I got it. It will take them 2 hours and roughly 36 minutes to meet. Did you do that on purpose?

And, clearly, the egg will arrive first — since somehow it rolls more quickly than a chicken can walk.

By the by, can everybody see the picture here? I’ve heard reports that it doesn’t show up on screens, but I can see it all right.

I see the picture. Oh, small Israeli chicken. How quickly you ran. All I wanted to do was take your picture… and pet you. I would have enjoyed petting you.

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