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Photo from Abroad

Posted on: March 22, 2010

Surely, you recognize the cravings. For comfort, for camaraderie, for an excuse to stay up till 2 in the morning. For a stick of Israeli ice cream-product.

Now, all of those cravings can be satisfied in one big bite (if your jaws open that widely.) For only 3 easy payments of $9.99, you can bite into the companionship of having all your favourite friends available on the first-ever Instant Messaging program from your very own computer screen.

In your freezer.


3 Responses to "Photo from Abroad"

I guess there’s no such thing as copyright laws over there?

ICQ was created by Mirabilis, a world-changing quartet of four Israeli high school friends (I love that story.) It was later sold to AOL (I don’t love the rest of that story.) I have no doubt that AOL gladly sold the rights for ICQ to be used to sell popsicles.

Now I’m worried about what else AOL is slapping the ICQ logo all over…


Mmm.. assuming Q’s are silent, which they ought to be, since Q’s (the letter) are the evolution of the 3500 year old (or so) Proto-Canaanite letter Quf which I gather was initially based on a pictographic drawing of the back of a person’s head – and since we don’t general speak to the back of people’s heads… one can surmise silence from said Q.

From here we see that ICQ is: I SeEE qYou! That’s what Sauron says when his big ‘ol eye is starin’ ya down anyhow : P

Also I sEE qyou: as the Navi people in Avatar are known to say = I really see you – the real you – and am aware of the inner you in front of me – and I feel with you / know you in a heart to heart sort of way : )

Also ICQ = I seeq you… a bastardization (unfortunate word born of illegitimate words) of I seek you. Which is what we do when we ICQ each other.

Also – icy Q. This is the ice cream Icy’ness, and the Q Cuteness of yumm-tumminologistics of chocolaty creamy treats.

And even Icy Q = a silence (as aforementioned) following a accidentally sticking ones pinky in another person nostril, up to and including the second knuckle, resulting in a certain “coldness” of regard.

Finally – Ici Que. Said in Frencais with sternness and finger wagging at the one who attempts to circumvent a que line which said finger-wagger has been enduring with a verging-on-ballistic-smoke from-nostrils-ears-and-even-trousers for extensive duration.

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