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(10-9) + (10-9) + (10-9) =

Posted on: March 11, 2010

The first bracket is thinking: Really? Do I have to lose my perfect ten?

The second bracket is thinking: I don’t want to be just like that other bracket. I hate being the middle child!

The third bracket isn’t complaining at all. That’s why it’s the bracket that will get chosen to go up on Mount Sinai.

Or something.

The fourth bracket thinks: (Be the champion of Lauren’s blog for the day by answering her skill-testing question!)


5 Responses to "(10-9) + (10-9) + (10-9) ="

Wow… That was like… um…
What did you just do that influenced you to reference Mount Sinai?

The fact that Passover is in MARCH this year?! How crazy is that? (Not actually crazy, but I’m used to thinking of it as an April thing — if you know what I mean.)

zOMG – It IS in March! (Well, the Seders, at least.) Here I kept thinking it was in April, because it’s the week that April starts…

And that’s about as crazy as this weather we’re having. So spring comes early this year! Yay!

As for the Mount Sinai reference: There’s a Midrash that there were 3 mountains, and 2 were huge and arrogant and fighting over who would get to be chosen for being the site of the Ten Commandments. Meanwhile Sinai, this little pisher of a mountain, thought he was too small to even bother, so he said nothing. For that reason, it’s the mountain that got chosen.

(Don’t quote me on this. My recollections of Torah thoughts tend to be sketchy in their accuracy.)

So it’s good to sit around and wait to get chosen/for things to happen? am I reading too much into your blog post?

As for the skill testing question (10-9)+(10-9)+(10-9) = … well, what do you want it to be?

bedmas? brackets exponenents divide multiply add subtract… not sure if that’s the thingy to use here.. but
brackets first 10-9 = 1 so it’s 1 + 1 + 1 = 3
But praytell, what is the Zed about at the start of zomg.. always befuddles me.
Also (Shalom without Truth) plus (a minyan consisting of one person waiting) plus ( t e n without n i n e) = (degeneration) plus (hopefulness) and (t + -n + -i) = G-d willing teshuva without nimpkins impeding.

Jenny, I would never mean to imply that it’s better to stay quiet and wait for things to happen. Maybe I should be more careful about stories that I quote…

Thank you, MM. It took a week, but I’m glad that somebody figured it out. Now I can continue blogging without shame.

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