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Posted on: March 9, 2010

It is now one full year since Monday, March 9, 2009 — the day of our first drop-in improv class, then titled Gymprov. I am very excited about this anniversary (to see how I’m celebrating, click here). As well as two staff changes, a name change, a location change, and much growth, expansion, and general improvement, a lot has changed over the last year.

I am taking this opportunity to reflect on what my life looked like this day last year:

  • I did not have a blog
  • I was reading the Torah Parsha every week (I got through all 5 books of Moses! Yay me!)
  • It was Purim. I was also getting excited about Passover and spring (as I am again this year)
  • I had just started hanging out with my now-boyfriend
  • I had done my first solo birthday party shift at the company I used to work for, and was also mid-training for Special Events
  • Toronto was celebrating its 175 birthday (March 6)
  • I was enrolled in level 201 of Impatient Theatre classes
  • I had recently returned from Israel, more sure, and yet less sure, about all those Big Questions I went there to find answers for…
  • I was working towards my Professional Certificate in Communication Skills of Trinity Guildhall (which I got with flying 90s! Woo-hoo!)
  • I was still generally ashamed of my life direction (with a degree in Drama, how are you supposed to make your parents proud?)

What were you doing on this date last year?


2 Responses to "Anniversary!"

According to somewhat reliable sources (my email inbox), on this date last year I was consoling a friend about a breakup and planning a weekend in Grey County with friends. I was working full-time as an administrative assistant and I think I was generally bored that day.

um.. gymprov changed to another name? I had no idea *blush*

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