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What I Did Last Night

Posted on: March 4, 2010

Last night I got together with my friends, and it was a typical night out. Homeslice built a house with her bare hands, then turned her plants (petunias? magnolias? help me out here, Homeslice) into a monstrocity by feeding them rose fertilizer. Apparently, you should never feed rose fertilizer to any other plant. Or let it touch you, for that matter.

Sphinx asked the pharmacist to rub cream all over him (you would too, in that situation!) A new Wonder entered the world. She and Jurij tried to end their relationship, but couldn’t figure out who would keep Cuddles, the cat whose name they weren’t even sure of. So they decided to stay together.

And Moe and Alex were up to their usual shenanigans. But you’ll have to hear about it from them…

(Did I mention this is the kind of stuff you can expect from an improv workshop?)


3 Responses to "What I Did Last Night"

Ah yes, the exploits of Alex and myself… I remember being asked about anti-t-shirts at some point in the evening… also, I stopped Alex from planting drugs in my parents’ bedroom, reasoning with my 8-year-old brain that he was a crooked cop. Some neighbor he turned out to be.

But other than that we got along just fine.

That sounds like Alex!

Shenanigans… it couldn’t be funnier without Thelle! You are the Master!

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