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Posted on: March 2, 2010

This being an internet celebrity thing will take a while to get used to. You know, not being able to post without subscribers knowing about it. Having comments from at least 5 different people. Having readers in California, Israel, and I’m sure other places, not to mention all over the GTA. It boggles the mind, really.

That said, the six-weekiversary of this blog is coming up tomorrow. For that, we should celebrate. And when Lauren celebrates, she likes to make schedules. Because scheduling is fun.

I would like each day of the week (and perhaps different days of the month) to be designated for different types of entries. Please help me in selecting which day gets to win which prize. Shortly following is a list of things I have done and/or could do with my blog. Let me know which I should do more of, or which I should do on which day, or what other ideas you have for me.

That list is coming up… now.

  • Random Giveaway
  • Analyse a mathematical equation
  • Give me a word and I will write something around it
  • 55-word story
  • Comment inspired by a picture (requested: viewer-submitted pictures)
  • List
  • Update from Lauren’s Life
  • Events in Town This Week
  • Philosophical Rant/Rave
  • Stories Inspired by Last Improv Session

11 Responses to "Schedules!"

Pffft, your way of celebrating is making schedules? Dammit, I was hoping for a cake.

My preferences:
• Give me a word and I will write something around it
• Stories Inspired by Last Improv Session
• Update from Lauren’s Life
• Comment inspired by a picture (requested: viewer-submitted pictures)

Also, post videos, dammit! That is my TRUE request!

Janet, I have two requests of you:

-Please send me a photo every week
-Come over here and take a video of me!

ok, ok. I’ll send stuff to you! aaaaadg;oiaeurpqu4qu

Lauren, this site is actually hilarious / made my day. I’m going to follow this haha!

I love you, Ashley.

As a solicited reader of this site, I’d like to thank you for recruiting me, your words have inspired me to fight the disease I don’t have but will likely get. I would also suggest a video entry from time to time, don’t think of it as video but reading 2.0. Happy six weekiversary, you have officially beaten the average lifespan of a blog, enjoy Disneyworld! Oh and I vote for the philosophical rant and or rave.

With Respect,

Some Random Internet Visitor Who Was Not Begged to Do This.

I like that you celebrate by making schedules. Sometimes, Lauren, I have much to learn from you. Sometimes.

Here are the ones I like:
Comment inspired by a picture (requested: viewer-submitted pictures) > for Mondays

Friday morning lists

Updates from Lauren’s Life where applicable

Philosophical Rant/Rave > Sunday morning or Saturday night (I know you like your sabbathy thinkin’)

A 55 word story sounds good to me.

math equation!!!!!!!!!! 😉

Jeremy – It’s actually a good writing exercise. There are some contests if you want to Google the concept. I challenge you to write one too, if you’d like.

Lee – Thank you for that! I quite like the post I did on quadratic equations, I was hoping someone would vote for this!

Thank you all! You have met – and surpassed – my claim of “comments from at least 5 different people”. I really am an Internet celebrity now…

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