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Weird Feelings About Toronto

Posted on: February 21, 2010

  • I like that it’s in Canada.
  • I feel uncomfortable by its massive size.
  • I’m a fan of our public transportation.
  • I’m not a fan of the regularly rising price of public transportation.
  • It’s cool how much film and tv is created here.
  • It’s lame how often Toronto has to “act” like some other city.
  • Why don’t we have enough culture uniquely our own?
  • Why do Torontonians care more about Hollywood cultures and celebrity obsession than locally created art?
  • Too many money-oriented, old-school uptight people who DO NOT LIKE CHANGE. (ex. some weird artsy girl trying to impose her standards on their boring worlds.)
  • Lots and lots of cool people. (I’m sorry for my kvetching; if you’re reading this, I probably love you.)
  • Sooo many diverse neighbourhoods, it’s awesome.
  • Not enough connectedness between the hundreds of different cultures, languages and neighbourhoods.
  • Could use more Lauren.

1 Response to "Weird Feelings About Toronto"

I’m commenting on behalf of a friend who told me his comments, but was too shy to comment himself.

To explain item “Too many money-oriented, old-school uptight people who DO NOT LIKE CHANGE.”

Lauren: How would you like to have a fun party instead of the usual ice-breakers your employees will resent you for?


Employer: No! It has always been this way! I refuse to change!

Further, I should clarify, I love Toronto. I have been loyal to it my whole life, always wanting my art to reflect its home (and resisting the trend of artists around me who would genericize or pretend that they created in New York or something.) And I always get annoyed when people tell me this city kills new ideas, or people who leave forever to become famous in cities like LA and don’t even visit Toronto ever again. I just think there’s a lot more that can be done to make this city awesomer.

This is not a kvetch list. This is a bunch of thoughts I have right now. Ultimately, my goal is to better this city any way I can. We’ll see how that goes as time moves forward…

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