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Random Giveaway

Posted on: February 16, 2010

Hello loyal readers! (I’m sure I have one or two.)

What a wonderful Family Day weekend it’s been. I had three improv parties back-to-back – birthday party, bridal shower, and singles event – followed immediately by a troupe rehearsal. That’s almost living the dream for me. Living the dream would be having that many parties every day. This Thursday’s workshop is promising to be awesome, with all the enthusiastic, improv-loving people slated to attend. And hopefully I’ll see you there.

But now onto the reason you’re reading this (I presume). You want that cool item pictured. Its two main purposes are to make a clacking sound, and some kind of massage, but I’m sure its recipient will think of other uses as well.

To win this, you must answer a skill-testing question: What do 2 and 3 have in common that they don’t share with 1? (Hint: While there is a “right” answer, defined by it being the one I’m thinking, I will also accept the most creative answer. And yes, your response may involve sock puppets.)


2 Responses to "Random Giveaway"

2 and 3 are prime numbers, where 1 is not.

In music intervals 2 and 3 aren’t in the spiffy club that 1 is in. 1 is in a club with 4,5,and 8. They’re the “pure” or “perfect” intervals, but not 2 and 3. : P Nope. They’re sometimes major, and sometimes minor.

Two and three both start with a T, and one does not.

In Hebrew two and three both start with a Shin, and one doesn’t.

2 and 3 both have a round curvy semi-circular thingy in their upper right corner, where 1 does not.

2 and 3 have others to relate to, (two’s company, and three’s a crowd), but poor ole’ one is aaaaalll by it’s lonesome.

2, 3, or not 2, 3, thaT is one question… isn’t it?

Two and three at least require the illusion of separateness ( I think?) and finiteness, where one, reaLLy One… alllll 1, everything is a quantum singularity = infinite!

Two of those wooden clapper ends can knock about noisily. Three can make a ruckus…
But what is the sound of just one clapper… and can you even call it a clapper if it’s just one : P ! Gevalt.

Haha… That is awesome! The first answer is the one I was thinking of, but everything you said after that is also interestingly correct.

Now if only I had two or three wooden clappers to give you…

Note to everyone: Device has already been given away. No more trying to win it. Sorry.

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