The Most Interesting Person in the World

Free BB Skin

Posted on: February 10, 2010

Another magical day in fairyland.

Of course I know that everybody flies among flowers, sleeps in bird houses, and hides when a bigger creature comes along. I’m not crazy.

But sometimes I like to fantasize that I live in a different world. That I live like a human.

How I long to swim around all day, ride a seahorse, see bubbles when I fart. I wish I could explore a sunken ship, cover myself in seashells, and keep a hidden cavern of found objects. I would much rather have fins than wings, a trident than fairy-dust, superhearing than… whatever I have. Oh, how I would love to be human!


2 Responses to "Free BB Skin"

Me! meee please! I would like your phone cover prize : ) It has your name on it, and that makes me happy. Mmm… and there’s 16 flower petals (with a partial 17th depending on how you count ’em).

Crawling, hoping, flying free
Another day sparkles into dew
Forever laughter twinkle in your eye
And me, watching, waiting, loving from afar
Will she hold, will she dance
A gallop in the prairie green
The song in my heart, the sound voice
The soul voice is her life
The beginning of her being
Joy springs from here
Gentlest new light is born here
Lauren = : )

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! You will receive your prize shortly. Sorry to everyone else who tried.

And thank you for the beee-autiful poem. : )

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