The Most Interesting Person in the World


Posted on: February 7, 2010

We travelled across the country to visit the world’s biggest ball of twine. I hardly thought it would be worth it in the winter, but it turned out to be just above 0℃ the whole trip. When we finally got there, I was exhausted, the kids were asleep, and the dog was hungry. By the time we left, I was wide awake, the kids were frantic, and the dog was sick. Don’t look for the world’s biggest ball of twine anymore.


4 Responses to "Lee"

But what you haven’t told us is where that biggest ball of twine in the world can be found. I’d like to know.

Thank you for nudging me to do that research. Turns out this topic is rife with controversy.

According to, the location may very well be Darwin, Minnesota; Cawker City, Kansas; Lake Nebagamon, Wisconsin; or Branson, Missouri. But according to National Lampoon’s Vacation and a season 2 episode of Supernatural, the second largest ball of twine is really where it’s at.

As to the place I visited on my road trip… it’s no longer there. Sorry.

you also haven’t told us how the name “Lee”, or even the person, Lee, has inspired this post. 😛


This image was found by a Google image search for Lee. Apparently it is a visual of the inter-connectedness of the friends of a guy named Lee.

This story was inspired by Lee’s tale of road tripping.

And that is how she wins.

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