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Double Manna Friday!

Posted on: February 5, 2010

Living Rooms to be Proud Of

The first picture is my family tree. I never met the people in the top row. I am featured in the bottom two rows. Can you find me?

The second picture is my boyfriend’s mom’s living room. She was hanging out in an electronics store one day when she saw a tv on sale. So she bought it. And once she bought the tv – well, why not renovate the living room and kitchen? That’s what you would do, right?

Those are my stories. Not necessarily the best stories. In the comments section, write me your story, about either or both rooms. You might win something.


2 Responses to "Double Manna Friday!"

A few summers ago, I had this notion that the only way I could possibly enjoy my summers is to continually roadtrip. I roadtripped everywhere. If I needed some milk, I made a roadtrip out of it and got milk at a grocery store in Kingston, Ontario. If I needed a new bathing suit, well, I headed up to Wasaga Beach to find one.

An unobvious consequence of roadtripping everywhere was the number of garage sales I would see en route. The photo above is a collection of mementoes to the summer I spent roadtripping… and consequently, garage sale-ing! 🙂 *sigh*

Congratulations, Lee! You win at being the most awesome!

As a reward: The next post will be inspired by your name.

Now doesn’t everyone wish that they had responded in time.

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