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Posted on: January 28, 2010

Welcome to Lauren’s blog. Don’t forget to read the Comments on posts that have them (that’s half the fun.) Also, don’t forget to leave a Comment (also half the fun.)

The premise here is that you can give me a word or a phrase and I can write anything – short story, rant, monologue, poem, who knows, maybe sound file – on that theme. I have been opening it to mathematical concepts, but I’m going to have to put a cap on limiting themes to math every day.

And now, let me tell you about PERMUTATIONS: The Breakfast Cereal!

PERMUTATIONS is the :Nutricious: and :Delicious: breakfast product that you can eat all day. Eat it for lunch! Eat it for dinner! Eat it for brunch! Eat it for a mid-afternoon snack! Eat it as a nightcap! Eat it with a fox! Eat it in a box! Eat it with Dr. Seuss! It eat wearing sox! Eat it while reading your favourite blog! Eat it with Michael Jackson.

…Just eat it.


2 Responses to "permutations"

I want to see a picture of the permutations cereal. What does it look like? Does it go well with milk or apple sauce? You should record some of your posts because I think it would work well, or post some of your thoughts to youtube. This might help you creatively: I actually know the guy.

Next concept: Timmy Birds

Oh, Janet. You’re always going visual.

The cereal goes best with apple sauce. Thank you for that inspiration! I think I will use that next time I run out of rice milk.

Thanks for the link. What an awesome concept!


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